Beyond Gold and Spice: The Rise of Gift Registries in Middle Eastern Weddings

Tracing the Origins: From Dowries to Modern Gifting The journey of gift-giving in the Middle East is deep-rooted in history and culture, merging ancient practices with today’s societal norms. Historically, dowries were a central part of Middle Eastern marriages, symbolizing a form of gifting that aided in the establishment of a new household. These dowries, […]

Nuptial Gifting Trends: Embracing the Gift Registry Culture in the Middle East

The Rise of Wedding Registries in Middle Eastern Ceremonies The culture of gifting within Middle Eastern ceremonies has long been one of extravagance and deep meaning, reflecting generosity and well-wishing toward newlyweds. However, as modernity infuses itself into time-honored traditions, the concept of wedding registries, a largely Western tradition, is gaining momentum in the Middle […]

From Weddings to Baby Showers: How the Middle East is Adopting the Gift Registry Trend

The Rise of Gift Registries in Middle Eastern Celebrations In recent years, the Middle East has seen a remarkable shift towards embracing Western-style celebrations, which has included the adoption of the gift registry concept. This change is reflected in the myriad of festivities across the region, from lavish weddings in Dubai to grand birthday festivities […]